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Why Work with Electi Management

Electi Management specialists provide advice, solutions, and expertise in management principles, strategic goals, strategy implementation, entrepreneur skills, and more. The fundamentals of business are crucial to keep you running and growing.

Businesses often have projects that they want to tackle but don’t have the internal staff to develop and implement the plan. That’s where we come in. We provide the expertise to work with business leadership to identify the problem to be solved, collaborate on a plan of action, and manage the overall execution of the plan. We assist with strategic planning, short term and long term; we identify key performance indicators (KPI) for your business and a strategy to regularly track them; we teach business owners how to identify trends quickly and take strategic action; we even coach leadership on how to build strong teams and culture.

Dina Miller

“Leadership is personal, leadership happens in millions of tiny actions, thoughts, gestures.”


Dina Miller, MBA - CEO

Dina Miller


Being a highly motivated, self-directed and results-driven Enterprise Financial Executive who possesses a “hands-on” track record of leadership, team-building and cross-functional collaboration, I have a proven ability to think and plan globally but execute locally – leading a high-performing corporate staff to support operational initiatives. I am passionate about what I do and embody an energy and urgency as a culture creator and catalyst for change with an exemplary reputation for forging working relationships based on trust and respect.

I am a passionate leader who loves to build strong, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with individuals, businesses and organizations.

I possess a proven ability to excel in initiating financial strategies that generate breakthrough revenue growth, market share, and brand visibility.

I’m recognized for my exemplary skills in building positive relationships in culturally diverse communities.

I can help you and your organization reduce operational inefficiencies, increase revenue, gain headway in global markets, and build the right kind of relationships with business partners that will sustain your growth year over year.

Specialties: Corporate Finance, New Business Opportunities, Business Operations, Cross-Functional Team Leadership, Creative Problem Solutions, Competitive Market Analysis, Project Management, Compliance Management, Strategic Planning, Data Interpretation, Data Analytics, Financial Planning, Risk Analysis, Risk Mitigation, Advanced Excel.


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