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  • Payroll up to 3 employees
  • Free initial setup and training on how to run payroll. 

Consulting, business planning, financial modeling, and process reengineering

These services are offered on a project basis and are highly customized.  The overall philosophy when approaching a consulting engagement is to understand the client’s goals and to use data and research to develop plans for consistent results.  We’ll be there with you every step of the way from understanding the problem to be solved, working with your team to develop a solution and timeline, and assist with the implementation.  We’ll help monitor timelines, budgets, and outcomes.  We’ll even recommend modifications if necessary.  It’s all about achieving the agreed upon outcome.

“Turn-Key” QuickBooks Enterprise Implementation

Custom priced full services include: Setup/Installation, creating of users and limited permission, creation of custom management reports, staff training, integration with other systems, and support during the first 90 days of implementation.  Pricing varies from $3,500 to $25,000 depending on complexity.

A word about pricing…

Our pricing is designed to be personal and fair—fair for you, the client, and fair for our team too.  The old saying, “you get what you pay for” is true.  And so is, “only pay for what you need”.  For these reasons, we have highly skilled, highly trained, and very experienced professionals on our team that work on your account.  We also structure options so that you can pay for what is important to you rather than things you don’t need for your business.  And one small business may pay a completely different price because of their volume of transactions, number of accounts, the amount of interaction they need on a weekly basis, the reports they desire, or the complexity of their operations.  Our quotes are designed to give you high-touch to your meet your needs, for you to benefit from our experience and knowledge, and to incentivize our team to do the best job possible.

Remember, all clients and projects are unique, and pricing varies depending on the scope, timeline, and complexity of the work.  Our goal is to provide the value you need to help move your business to the next level.

Why outsource some business functions?

Outsourcing isn’t right for every business or every situation, but it is right for many businesses.  Using an outsourced professional can give a small business access to a highly educated and experienced professional that they would never afford on a full-time basis.  The reality is, most businesses don’t need a full-time CFO but they do want and do benefit from having that level of expertise watching over their business, providing insights and suggestions to improve operations and efficiency, and identifying trends that need attention.

Outsourcing is also a great option when faced with a unique problem or you need to develop something new for the first time.  Getting outside help with outlier needs can keep your core team focused on the day-to-day business operations while using short-term assistance from highly qualified professionals to solve a problem or design and implement a new program.

Using outside professionals can also provide a perspective that a business owner wouldn’t otherwise get from their internal team.  Not hampered by the “we’ve always done it this way” syndrome, outside professionals with a wide range of experience can often move forward new ideas quickly, with focus, and provide results that wouldn’t have been achievable with internal staff alone.