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Thank you for your interest in the services offered by Electi Management. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you and your company. For us to provide you with an accurate proposed scope of work, please provide answers to the questions below to the best of your ability. This helps to provide clarity for the engagement and to ensure we deliver the results you need for your business. Please complete a separate questionnaire for each business that you would like a proposal for services.

What areas of your business are you looking to hire outside consulting services?

Who currently keeps your books/records?

What software do you use to manage your financial records?

Do you use Cash or Accrual Basis?

Are you current with required tax filings?

Do you track inventory?

Do you need to track inventory?

Do you need to file Sales Tax Returns?

Are you interested in developing a business plan?

Have you ever developed a business plan?

Do you have a standardized set of reporting to measure key performance indicators (KPI’s) for the business?

Do you need to create or revamp KPI’s for the business?

Do you currently use business, industry, or market data to make business decisions?

Do you need assistance in developing realistic business goals and a plan for executing them?

Have you already started the project?

Are you interested in developing a marketing strategy and plan?

Are your marketing activities planned ahead of time?

Do you have a calendar to track marketing activities?

Do you track the success of marketing initiatives?

Please check all methods you are currently using to market your business:

Do you have a specified budget for marketing?

If yes, is your marketing budget calculated as a percentage of revenue?

If yes, is your marketing budget calculated as a percentage of overall expenses?

Do you anticipate monthly services or a finite project?

Are you interested in executive coaching services?

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